Introduction to Tableau and Data Visualization


It would be great if the user had the option to choose which subcategory they'd like to highlight. Well, parameters allow for the user to interact with the worksheet.

Click the dropdown arrow, or right click on the bottom of the data pane. Then choose "create parameter".

I will name the parameter Sub-Category Parameter. The parameter should allow the viewer to choose from a list of values. The data type that our parameter will be is a string(since sub-categories are textual).

Finally, specify that the user is allowed to choose values from the Sub-Category field, as shown:

Now right click on the parameter, and choose show parameter control. This allows you to choose a value from the parameter list.

I will display my parameter as a slider. Notice that as I change the parameter, nothing really happens. Parameters are only useful if they are tied to a calculated field, a reference line, filter or set. This parameter is not connected to anything, so it follows that changing it would have no impact.

In this case, we're going to tie the parameter to the calculated field that we created earlier. To edit the calculated field, right click on it, and choose the edit option. Then change the calculation to check if the Sub-Category within the view is equal to the current Sub-Category Parameter.

We now have an interactive highlighter, that applies colour to a field of interest. There are other ways to use colour within your visuals, as you will see in upcoming lessons.

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