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Workbook 2.5

From Java-Bootcamp-Resources -> Module 1 - Introduction to Java -> 2. Variables, open Workbook 2.5.


In this workbook, you're a new developer for JavaGram: Instagram for Java developers. Your job is to make the sign-up page for new users.

Careful from the nextLine() trap

Before you start this workbook, I need to warn you about the: "nextLine() trap".

  • nextLine() gets "skipped" if you put it ahead of nextInt() , nextDouble(), nextLong(). You can expect this behaviour when you try to pick up the username.

  • You will understand why this happens when we cover Delimiters in the next section (Booleans and Conditionals).

  • The solution is to add a throwaway nextLine() before the "real" nextLine().

Task 1: Ask the user questions

First, you will ask the user to enter:

  • their first name

  • their last name

  • their age

  • a username

  • their city

  • their country.

Your output should appear as follows:

Task 2: Print their information.

After the user enters their information, you'll print:

Thank you for joining JavaGram!

Then, display their information in a nice format:

If you want a nice format:

  1. Put a line of space between: "Thank you for joining Javagram " and " Here is the information you entered ". You can use the escape character \n.

  2. Put a tab of space before each piece of information. You can use the escape character \t.

Run your code.

Good Luck!

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