Java Bootcamp – Workbooks and Challenges

Workbook 1.1

Each workbook is an exercise that challenges you to write code and run it.

Download the resources

First, download the course resources from Github: Rayan Slim - Github Link

Follow these steps to download the zip file.

Inside the folder, there are resources for modules one and two.

Open Workbook 1.1

Launch Workbook 1.1 from Visual Studio Code.

  • Windows users: File -> Open Folder.

  • Mac users: File -> Open.

From Java-Bootcamp-Resources -> Module 1 - Introduction to Java -> 1. Getting Started, open Workbook 1.1.

The workbook has a file. Inside, there are comments.

A comment follows two forward slashes //. It has no impact on your code. Use the comments as a guide for this exercise.

Task 1. Make a class

Make a class.

Task 2. Write the main() method

Write the main() method.

Task 3. Print messages

Print these messages to the console.

>> Printing is fun!
>> Java > Python.
>> I spilled Java all over my paper.
>> My dog ate my Java.

Run your code

  • javac

  • java FirstProgram

If you get this output, great job! You're a printing sage.

If you get an error, no worries!

  1. Check your semi-colons.

  2. Check your class name.

You can also look at: Workbook 1.1 Solution to see where you went wrong.

Helpful tips

You can use the up key () to run previous terminal commands. It remembers every command that you write!

You can use the tab key to autocomplete:

Good Luck!

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