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  • H2: Provides an in-memory relational database (for prototyping / development purposes).

  • MySQL / PostgreSQL: Relational database management system used in production environments (covered in the deployment section).

  • Spring Boot JPA: Allows a Spring Boot application to interact with an SQL database.

  • CRUD Repository: Provides methods that can Create, Read, Update, or Delete records.

  • Entity: Java object that Spring Boot JPA can manage.

  • @Table: Specifies the table for the annotated entity.

    • name: Name of the table.
    • uniqueConstraints: Unique constraints to be placed on the table.
  • @Column: Maps a field to a table column.

    • name: Name of column.
    • nullable: Boolean that determines if the column can accept nulls.
    • unique: Boolean that determines if the column rejects duplicates.
  • Primary Key: Column that uniquely identifies each record inside a table.

    • @Id: Applied on a field that maps to a primary key.
  • Foreign Key: References the primary key of another table.

    • When applicable, put the foreign key column in the table that cannot live without the other.
    • @JoinColumn: Specifies a column for joining an entity association.
      • name: Name of the column.
      • referencedColumnName: Name of the column referenced by the foreign key column.
  • @ManyToOne: Many rows in the child table belong to one row in the parent table.

  • @OneToMany: One row in the parent table associates with many rows in the child table.

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