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Task 1

Create a Controller class and assign it a name of your choice.

Task 2

Map a GET request on path / to a handler method called getForm().

@GetMapping("/") public String getForm()
  • The handler method must return the form view.
@GetMapping("/") public String getForm() { return "form"; }

Task 3

Before returning the "form" view, add Constants.CATEGORIES as a model attribute.

@GetMapping("/") public String getForm(Model model) { model.addAttribute("categories", Constants.CATEGORIES); return "form"; }

Inside the form template, use a Thymeleaf Loop to populate the drop-down list with values from the array.

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Task 4

In a drop-down list, every <option> needs to equal a value.

The value attribute determines what will be sent upon form submission


If the user chooses the option "Capital of Canada", Ottawa will be sent upon form submission.

<select> <option value="Ottawa">Capital of Canada</option> <option value="Paris">Capital of France</option> </select>

In your case, the option that displays Choose Category must equal a blank value.

<option style="color:blue" value="">Choose Category</option>

Every <option> that follows must equal a value that matches the text it displays.

<option |Thymeleaf Loop| th:text= |Element in LOOP| th:value = |Element in LOOP|>   </option>

Task 5

Map any GET request made on the path /inventory to a handler method called getInventory.

@GetMapping("/inventory") public String getInventory()

The handler method must return the inventory view.

@GetMapping("/inventory") public String getInventory() { return "inventory"; }

Task 6

Inside both templates, ensure that:

  • The Form button makes a GET request on path /.
  • The Inventory button makes a GET request on path /inventory.

Run your application and toggle between the buttons. Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 8.08.22 PM.png

Good Luck!

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