Learn Version Control with Git

git tag

So far, we've created some commits to keep track of the changes in our project. Sometimes, you might actually create a commit that takes you to an important milestone in the development cycle. For example, going from version 1 to version 2 or going from beta to alpha.

Let's make some changes to our project-1.txt file:

echo "creating a tag" >> project-1.txt

let's stage those changes:

git add .

then let's commit:

git commit -m "this is where we create a tag"

let's make sure that our commit was successful:

git log

Now the command we will be using to tag our commit will be the git tag command:

git tag version1

let's observe our tag in our history:

git log

we just added the version1 tag our latest commit.

Adding multiple tags

you can also add multiple tags to the same commit:

git tag beta
git log

We now have multiple tags for the latest commit.

Removing Tags

Assuming we accidentally added a tag, let's attempt to remove the beta tag:

git tag -d beta
git log

If you look at the top right, the tag should be removed.

Adding a Tag to a previous commit

We want to add a tag to the first commit and call it version 0. we can do so with the unique SHA-1 identifier.

git tag version0 e878e0f23836e0bf0f3ca35a85758eb55672aff6

the SHA-1 identifier to my first commit is e878e0f23836e0bf0f3ca35a85758eb55672aff6, yours will be different.

git log

Our initial commit has successfully been tagged.

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