Learn Version Control with Git

git status

As you make changes to your project, it's important to keep track of what files were changed before committing them. You can do that with the following command:

git status
>> On branch master

   No commits yet

   Untracked files:
     (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)


The git status command helps understand the current state of our project.

On branch master: This tells us which branch our current project is located in. We will be looking into branches later on in the course. For now, just think of git as tree and branch as one if the trees branches. We're are currently on the branch called master.

No commits yet: This tells us that the repository is empty and does not have any snapshot commits yet of our project. We will be doing this very soon!

Untracked files:This tells us that there are some files in our project that are not being tracked for changes. The file is printed at the bottom project-1.txt. They give us a hint to use the git add command.

Why is **git status** so important?

You should be getting into the habit of using git status to keep track of the state of the project. Git status can provide you with very useful insights, such as, which files are not being tracked, which files have been modified, and a lot of other important features that will be mentioned throughout this course.

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